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Meet the Team at RiverTowne Family Chiropractic

Get to Know Us

Michael Schaedler, Office Manager

Michael started at RiverTowne Family Chiropractic in January 2008. After a car accident in September 2001, she became a chiropractic patient and shortly after started a career as a chiropractic assistant. Michael enjoys hearing the patient’s success stories as they go through their chiropractic journey. Michael does her best to make sure the office runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

On her days off, she spends time with her husband David and youngest son. Michael has 4 other grown boys and enjoys seeing them at Sunday dinners when they can all get together. She loves to cook for friends and family and to draw/paint when she can.

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Alanna, Chiropractic Assistant

Alanna is a Culinary Institute Graduate with an Associates in Culinary Arts and Business Management. Alanna is skilled in culinary arts, nutrition, and hospitality. Alanna enjoys taking care of others, the mountains, cooking, baking and spending time with her family. She loves to watch medical shows, going to concerts and traveling. She’s always wanted to be in the medical field but decided to pursue her first love of cooking.

Becoming a patient of chiropractic care, it has changed Alanna’s life in many ways and continues to benefit her, husband and son. Not only is she able to provide for her family, Alanna is able to provide and help others to reach their optimal health and wellness. Alanna’s goals are to share the benefits of chiropractic, help others reach their optimal health and guide them to their wellness journey.

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