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About RiverTowne Family Chiropractic

Caring for the Community

photo of our teamRiverTowne Family Chiropractic has been a fixture in the St Charles community for over 20 years, and patients have come to rely on us for the quality care their family needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Our mission is straightforward and simple: We want to help as many people as possible in our local community get well and stay well through all-natural chiropractic care—without the need for drugs or surgery.

Offering care for patients from one day old to one hundred years young, we treat your family like part of our family. Rather than a temporary, quick-fix approach, we take the time to identify and address the underlying cause of your pain or other symptoms, so your body can heal and function as it was designed to.

Experience Is the Key

Our chiropractors, Dr. Bickmeyer and Dr. Mikos, have over 50 years’ combined experience, and they’re even more passionate about chiropractic care now than when they began. Extremely skilled adjusters, they are able to provide each patient with the individualized care they need to thrive.

Rooted in the philosophy that your body was designed to be well and stay well, our goal is to identify the nerve interference that causes subluxations (misalignments) to occur. Our job is to remove that underlying cause of the problem, freeing your body up to experience and express optimal health.


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Life-Changing Results

Our practice has been built on the referrals of our many, many patients who got the results they were looking for with our care. One patient was taking 20 Vicodin a day for pain and within six months of beginning care with us, he was completely off all his pain medication. Many patients who have been told by their primary care physician that they need surgery have recovered completely with our approach to care—and without the need for surgery. We even have a patient that drives over five hours to see us because we helped her avoid complete spinal fusion surgery, and she no longer needs her walker.

We Want to Help You, Too!

Contact us today to book your first appointment. We can’t wait to help you achieve your wellness goals naturally.


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